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Duplicitous Magic – Elemental Monarchs Saga (3)

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War is imminent, but balance must be restored….those were the words of Mother Nature herself.

While Ayva sails the seas with her companions, searching for allies, her mother has only one goal–to reunite with her daughter. The shaman’s ominous predictions cause Everine to fear that Ayva is about to be corrupted by her own magic. Everine ventures into the earth with a group of Earthlings. But the dark tunnels are a maze, and there are others hiding in the shadows.

Creos is still on the war path. After the end of one battle, he is hungry for another–and he too is headed for the battle that will tip the scales of fate–one way or the other. He will gladly execute anyone who might be foolish enough to stand in his way, and Everine has crossed his path one too many times already.

If Everine is to reunite with Ayva, she will need to face her demons head on, and she will have to live with the severe consequences of her choices as those around her get caught in the crossfire.

Can Everine survive the journey through darkness and get to her daughter in time? The Heartless King himself is after Ayva, and it’s only a matter of time before destinies collide.


– Niila –

Closely packed bricks of ice floated in the water. Niila tasted the cool air on her tongue and inhaled the salt and sweet scent of the open waters. Winter had come early to Mer-Ùna Ocean.

Kenith leaned against the ship’s railing. He still wore his usual attire of black leather trousers and no shirt despite the weather. Niila shivered. Everyone else had covered up in as much skin and fur as they could. They had managed to fill every bunk and free corner of the ship to host the large crew.

“Do you really think we’ll find help in Ûnda?” Kenith asked. His muscles tensed, and the veins in his arms pulsated with the beat of his breath.

“I feel confident,” Niila said. “My father had many friends. The people of Ûnda would have rebelled ages ago if they thought there was any way to prevail. Lord Molton is a vicious ruler. He enslaves many of his subjects, and doesn’t care if his people starve.” She wistfully stared out over the ocean.

Miro leaned between them. “We will provide the people with hope. Once they see Ayva, I believe that will be enough.”

Niila shrugged. Hope? She had yet to feel very hopeful that they might succeed. Ayva is destined for the high throne, but I have no idea how to be a queen to my own people.

Pushing past Miro, Kenith cupped a hand around Niila’s chin. He fixed his eyes on hers. “When they see that their true queen has returned to fight for them—then they will follow.”

Niila swallowed back a sob and threw her arms around his neck, forcing Miro to step further back. Kenith let her hug him for a moment before he pulled away.

Miro gripped the rail. “What in Aradria is that?” His tone was alarming, and the other younglings followed his gaze.

A shadow spread out beneath the setting sun. The clouds were sweeping in quickly, and thick snow had begun to fall. The last light of the day was fading fast, but in the distance a dark shape moved through the icy water. It broke the surface repeatedly as it rolled through the waves.

“Nestor,” Niila whispered. She turned and ran across the deck, toward the stern of the ship. “The serpent is here! Prepare yourselves!” she shouted.

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