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Ominous: Elemental Monarchs Saga 1

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E-bok, Kindle
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Beskrivelse av boka

When there is no place to hide — run!

When Everine Vargens’s sister dies in childbirth, Everine feels lost. Used to fending for herself, Everine has always managed to make due. Becoming a mother overnight, however, was not something she was prepared for. Especially not when her newborn niece begins to show Everine visions of her past.

Magical beings are being hunted by the Heartless King, and so, Everine makes a bold choice that will change everything. She hides the sparkling baby from prying eyes—and runs! She knows it will be dangerous. Standing still, however, is worse.

Then, Everine meets Birken. A strange Earthling, and an unexpected companion—with agendas of his own. Together they bring the child on a wild journey hoping to find a safe haven, if there are any left. But hiding in the shadows can only work for so long before they’re seen.

This is Part One in the Elemental Monarchs saga.


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