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The Child of Mekong river

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The book is all about my childhood, birth place and the way of life along the Mekong river in the old days.
I was born and grow up in a big family. I was the child that is not meant to be born, because I was a baby girl. The only thing that is saved my soul was the river. the beauty and the pure love that I had found was the river and connected to a special, strong bonding.


You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Kong river
As far as I could remember, the view of the Kong river in the morning, when I could feel the sunrise breeze and have peaceful day. there is something about this beautiful still, but deep, water and its strong currents that tempts you to jump in and take a swim to cool down on a hot day. Especially under areas which looked calm as such, strong stream could be felt.
I have heard tragic stories about the river which have varied according to people;s mood and their imagination. about other fishes with scarily long tails, also existing in the river.

Many lives have been lost in the river and have been saved by it as well. This story has told to many generations. Disrespecting or mocking the Nakra, holy angels, mermaids or all the holy spirits that we cannot see might lead to our deaths at their hands. I am very proud to be a part of this spectacular and historical Kong river.


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