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The Moon Buggy

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Celebrate the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing.

Teach your child about astronauts driving cars on the Moon! Learn how astronauts traveled to the Moon in giant rockets. Your kids will love the large color photos and will learn about the Moon Buggy, astronauts and rockets. Features amazing color photos by NASA that show astronauts, rockets, and the Moon Buggy on the Moon.

What Readers Are Saying

“Great book for kids interested in the space program! My 6 year old son and I really enjoyed the beautiful pictures and great descriptions of the equipment the astronauts used. He wanted to read it again and again.” –Omoro

“Got this book for our 8 and 6 year old boys and they both really enjoyed it especially the pictures!” –Nate

This book tells the story of how they flew in rockets to the Moon and how astronauts drove the Moon Buggy on the surface of the Moon.

The perfect present for every aspiring astronaut!


We have lots of cars and trucks here on Earth, but did you know people drove cars on the Moon? Astronauts flew in rockets from Earth to the Moon and brought cars!

Luna is another name we use for the Moon. The cars we sent to the Moon are called Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV). It looks different from a regular car or truck. Some call it the Moon Buggy.

Notice how the Moon Buggy is small with no roof, doors or windows. This is so the Moon Buggy is as light weight as possible. Look at the seats, they look like camping chairs. They are made that way to make the chairs as light as possible.

The Moon Buggy is also four-wheel drive, like a Jeep. Since there are no roads on the moon, just dirt and rocks, the Moon Buggy needs four-wheel drive to get around.

Each wheel has an electric motor that turns the wheel. Together the four motors make 1 horsepower (0.75 kilowatts). A compact car on Earth has about 100 horsepower (75 kilowatts). Since gravity is much smaller on the Moon, the Moon Buggy needs less horsepower to push the car around.

The Moon Buggy also has four-wheel steering to make it easier to drive. Most cars on Earth today only steer using the front wheels.


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