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Antonia har mest erfaring med romaner, sci-fi og fantasy, noveller, barnebøker, ungdomsbøker, fagbøker, sakprosa og skuespill.

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My prices will vary depending on the complexity of the task. I am always happy to take a brief look at your text and discuss your needs with you before we agree pricing. That will give me a sense of how time-consuming the task will be, and give you a chance to reflect on what depth of involvement you need from me. Hypothetical examples based on previous work: 1) In-depth consultation and edit of a Young Adult novel @ 430 per hour. Hypothetical manuscript of 90,000-100,000 words. Work given: 3 rounds of copy editing and separate overview notes helping to take the book from first draft to presentable manuscript, 1-2 Skype calls and many email discussions. Approximate time: 60 hours. Approximate fee: 25,800 total or 8,600 per draft. 2) Proofreading: approx. 1500-1800 words checked per hour @ 360 per hour. All jobs are different, so please see the above as guidance only.


Copy Editor

It was great fun to copy edit Cathryn Petit's charming novel, A Spell of Wanderlust, the second in the Sisters of the Silk Veil series.

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Copy Editor

It was great working with Cathryn Petit on her prequel to 'Sisters of the Silk Veil'. I helped Cathryn sharpen her writing and ensure the diverse parts of the story fit together cohesively. I highly recommend this short story. It's empathetic, claustrophobic and gives a stark insight into how easy it is to fall into a negative spiral.

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It was a delight working with S.M. Baker on A Shard of Amber Light. This is a highly original YA epic, set in a future America under Eastern rule. Well-developed world, great characters and settings, can't wait to see what the sequel will bring...

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Line Editor

I acted as first-round editor on the Beatles' famous hairdresser Leslie Cavendish's biography, before we sold the book to Alma Books.

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Short Story Writer

I was one of the authors selected for publication in Issue 11 of The Mechanics' Institute Review. It gave me useful insight being able to work on different sides of the editorial process for different editions.

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Editorial Team for The Mechanics' Institute Review #9

This project gave me experience in every stage of the publication process, from conceptualizing the issue and deciding which submissions to publish, through to helping individual authors shape their texts and completing the final proofs for typesetting and publication.

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Comic Script Writer and Editor

I have worked on many different creative projects in numerous disciplines. One of the most enjoyable was being a Book on a Tree contributor for the Disney anthology 'Storied Places', which is coming out this September.

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English Editor at Book on a Tree

My role at Book on a Tree covered many disciplines and responsibilities. The most enjoyable was working directly with the manuscripts. It was my responsibility to vet English manuscripts coming in, deciding which we should develop and which needed the authors to work on further before we could consider them.

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